Monday, January 7, 2013

Because you can

I enjoy reading Larry Winget's books because of his practical and pointed comments.  He doesn't spin anything he writes and doesn't allow anyone to make excuses for their misbehavior.  Some of his titles include

Currently, I'm reading No Time for Tact: 365 Days of the Wit, Words, and Wisdom of Larry Winget when I came across this comment.  "Why should you care about becoming as successful as you possibly can?  Because you can.  Those three words are the key.  Make as much money as you can, be as happy as you can, be as good at your job as you can.  Be as successful in every area of your life as you possibly can.  Why?  Because you can.  You are obligated to become as much as you can be simply because you can!"

How would our lives change if we began to live like we really believed these words?  What if we approached everything in ministry with this attitude?  What would happen in our churches if our members began to live as if these words are true?  How would our homes change if we began to live like this?

We have been created in the image of God and given various gifts and talents that are to be used in service to Him and to others.  Every believer has been called to use those gifts in ministry.  Why should we?  Because we can, and, just as importantly, because we must.

Virtually within the shadow of our church steeples are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people who need to meet the living Christ.  Their lives are filled with frustration, confusion, pain, fear, and worry.  Many of them think there is surely something or someone bigger than themselves, but they have no idea how to find what that is.  They may have read about some of the different religions, but that has just added to their confusion.  Much of what they have read about Christianity or seen in Christians has not convinced them that it is true or even desirable.  What they need is to see someone actually living out the teachings of Christ and how that impacts a person's life.

That was the first image that came to my mind when I read that we need to be as successful in every area of our lives as possible.  It's not about money or success; it's about living faithful lives according to the teachings of Scripture in a manner that draws others to Christ and those teachings.  It's about showing the world how a Christian treats his or her spouse, how Christian parents raise their children, how Christian children respects their parents, how a Christian manages finances, how a Christian responds to those with needs, how a Christian applies himself or herself on the job, how a Christian business owner conducts that business and treats those who work there, how a Christian addresses the social issues of the day, and how Christians  experience peace in their lives.  I know that's a lot to ask, and we have far to go before we can declare we are as successful as we can be in every area (at least I know I have far to go!).   But, we must try because the world is watching us to see if what we claim to believe is actually true.  Only if they determine that it is true will they be interested in talking to us about Jesus Christ.  Why do we need to do these things?  Because we can, and we must.

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