Thursday, September 8, 2016

Starting a new ministry

Last night something happened that I had not planned when I retired last December. Madison FBC voted to call me as their interim pastor. I had really not given much thought to doing interim work when I retired. Although I had interviewed with another church that asked me to serve as their interim pastor, I had decided to not accept their offer. I was preaching just about every week somewhere, leading my workshops and conferences, and growing my auction business. I thought that was enough for a retired person!

Several times in the past few weeks Madison FBC had asked me to fill their pulpit. This is a church I've known for over 30 years and was happy to do so. A couple of weeks ago their pastor search team asked me to consider becoming their interim pastor. After some prayer I decided to accept, and last night a congregational vote made it a reality.

Madison FBC is a great church that has served this area for over 200 years. The church has an Associate Pastor who also leads a dynamic youth program and a Children's Director who leads a great children's ministry. A number of lay leaders are also involved in leading various ministries. The church has a traditional service at 8:45 and a contemporary service at 11:00. Both services are very well done. During my time as a Resource Minister in our region I worked with the church on two occasions when they were seeking pastor leadership. Now, I get to be part of its transition in a new way.

I find this call to be both exciting and humbling. It's exciting because it's an opportunity to lead a church through a transition period as they prepare for and seek a new pastor. It's humbling because of the rich history of ministry that this church has known over the years and the excellent ministerial leadership it has known.

As I tell pastors in some of my workshops, do not limit what God might want to do in your life. I've been surprised at the ministry doors God has opened throughout my ministry. This one is no different. What we need to do is to be open to God's leading and be willing to walk through the doors He opens.

Please keep me and the church in your prayers.

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