Thursday, July 2, 2015

Learn how to better manage your life and ministry

One of the great challenges of modern day life is trying to maintain some semblance of balance in our lives. I'm old enough to remember when people were saying that technology would simplify our lives and we would wonder what to do with all the spare time we had. It didn't quite turn out that way!

Instead, we are trying to balance the demands of our jobs and careers, the needs of our families, our spiritual lives, and our personal well-being. If one is a bivocational pastor there are the added demands of that role that must be factored in. We feel the tyranny of the urgent and often find ourselves feeling guilty for neglecting  things that we know are important. Like the proverbial hamster in the wheel, we keep running in circles without really going anywhere and with no idea of how to get off.

For those of you in Indiana we have a class that will be offered as part of our Church Leadership Institute (CLI).  "Personal and Family Care" looks at the various demands on people's lives, how to discern God's vision for your life and ministry, and how to develop goals that will help you achieve that vision. We will also explore how to ensure that you have margin built into your life so you are better prepared for the emergencies that will occur. One section of the class will discuss what a pastor's salary and benefit package should include and a look at how to manage one's finances. The class focuses not only on our individual lives but how the decisions we make impact our families.

This course will benefit both clergy and lay people and is open to anyone interested in enjoying a healthier and more balanced life. The course includes four classes that will held on the campus of Franklin College on July 11, August 1, 15, and 29. I am the instructor of this course. Our CLI courses are not limited to American Baptists, and we invite anyone to enroll and take advantage of this training opportunity.

Registration for this course ends on July 3 so you need to hurry. If you cannot get registered by then, call our office at 317-635-3552 and talk to Jennifer Greene.

For more information on CLI, to view the syllabus, and to register for the course go to  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on CLI-Summer Term 2015 and follow the links. This class is only for those people who want to enjoy a healthier and more balanced life, so if this describes you we encourage you to register today. We would love to have you in class this summer!

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