Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Real men provide

By now you've probably heard of the billboard dispute in North Carolina. The billboard reads: Real men provide. Real women appreciate it. One woman who found the message offensive has announced a protest against what she believes to be the demeaning message behind the billboard statement.

After a while it just seems that people are determined to find something to protest. Night after night we watch people protesting something on television. Facebook is full of people angry about something and determined to let everyone know about it. We have become such a selfish, me-centered society that no one can say or do anything without people becoming offended.

I see many messages throughout the day that I find offensive or with which I disagree. So what? I don't go on social media proclaiming how offended I am, and I don't protest. As I recently posted in this space, it is perfectly OK to see something with which you disagree and go on with your life without responding. I don't believe the entire world needs my expert advice on everything that is happening.

Regarding the billboard message, I struggle to find how that can be offensive. I suppose it is in the mind and life experiences of the reader, but I found nothing offensive about it. In fact, I found it to be a very positive message.

Real men do provide for their families. How is that demeaning to single mothers as one protester put it? That doesn't say anything about women not contributing to the home nor does it degrade women at all. It simply states a fact that was accepted for thousands of years. Real men provide for their families.

To me this says that men do not impregnate a woman and then leave her to raise the child. As one writer put it, it takes a male to make a baby, but it takes a man to raise a child. It says that a real man doesn't abandon his wife and family and run off with another woman. It says that a real man works to provide for his family. Yes in today's society it often requires two incomes to make it, but he is contributing his share and not laying around the house playing video games while his wife works.

Real men provide security for their families. They are wise with finances and lifestyle choices. They invest wisely. They ensure their children receive a quality education to prepare them for their own futures. They lovingly discipline their children so they will grow up to be responsible adults with good moral and ethical values.

Real men provide their families with good communication. They listen to their wives and children and respect their opinions. They talk over both major and minor decisions that will impact the family. Real men don't go out and buy motorcycles and boats without seeking input from the rest of the family.

Real men provide love to each member of the family. They put the needs of the family above their own desires. They do not force others to earn their love, but they love unconditionally. Real men publicly praise their wives and children and supports them in the things they do.

Frankly, I do not know a woman who would not appreciate a man who provides such things.

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