Friday, February 3, 2017

Children in adult clothing

Ever since the election we have seen what amounts to nothing more than playground bullying, childish temper tantrums, and adults acting like spoiled brats. What the media refers to as protests are actually riots resulting in the destruction of government and private property and assaults on people wearing the wrong hats. Rosa Parks protested when she refused to give up her seat on the bus; she didn't set fire to the bus. There is a difference some people today do not seem to understand.

This immature behavior is not limited to rioters in the streets but is seen as well in the halls of Congress as people supposedly elected to represent their constituents and uphold the Constitution of the United States have unleashed some of the most childish rhetoric heard...well, since Congress was last in session.

When President Trump nominated Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court everyone knew there would be lawmakers falling over themselves to announce that he is out of the mainstream, a threat to the social order, and worse. However, when he was nominated to the Court of Appeals he was confirmed by a voice vote which only occurs when the individual is overwhelmingly supported by the majority of the Senate. I know some might argue that the Supreme Court is above the Court of Appeals, but if was that dangerous then it seems that would be the time to have stopped him for serving on that court.

Everyone knows that the reality is that some grandstanding congresspeople are putting on a political show because they are still in a snit that their candidate didn't win. Again, this is behavior more expected on a grade school playground than in the halls of Congress. It explains once again why Congress has one of the lowest approval ratings in its history.

Unfortunately, we see this same scenario played out in too many churches. Children in adult clothing who do not get their way decide to put up roadblocks to any change with which they do not agree. They threaten to leave or withhold their money, they pout, they tell everyone who will listen how mistreated they've been after they've done so much for the church, and they rally people to their side. Even if the church is able to move forward, it is often wounded so badly that it takes a long time to recover, if it ever does. Often, it just gives in to the bullies and prays that next time might be different. (It seldom is.)

I've written about church controllers (bullies) often enough in this blog so I won't go repeat myself here. However, I will say this to church controllers and to political leaders, regardless of political party, it is time to put the good of the whole ahead of your own personal agenda. It's time to act like responsible adults. This nation has serious challenges ahead, and we need more than self-absorbed adults in children's clothing to address them. Likewise, the church is facing difficult times and needs responsible Spirit-filled leaders to lead them. If you won't grow up, at least get out of the way so the adults can do the work you can't.

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