Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Election 2016

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post for this blog that looked at the changes taking place in the church. I compared the church of today to a trapeze artist. The performer must let go of the safety of the swing he or she is holding onto in order to leap to the next swing. It is when the trapeze artist is in between the swings that he or she is in greatest danger. The church today is in between the swings. We are having to let go of the familiar, what we know, to be able to catch the other swing. That second swing is unknown to many of us, and that is what makes is frightening.

The political system in America is in a similar state today. I doubt that anyone would have predicted the events of this political season. Donald Trump not only ran against the Republican establishment, but he did and said some of the most outrageous things that should have ensured his defeat. He is now the Republican nominee for President.

Hillary Clinton has been investigated throughout her primary by the FBI for the way she handled her e-mails and national security information as the Secretary of State. Another investigation covered her actions in the Benghazi attack. The FBI concluded she violated numerous laws and put some Top Secret information in potential jeopardy, but since she didn't know what she was doing they recommended she not be prosecuted. The Benghazi investigation found that she and others had been warned numerous times by her own advisers that additional security was needed at the diplomatic compound but had taken no action. Two episodes of such incompetence would hardly qualify someone for the highest office in the land, but this week she will be the Democratic nominee for President.

Both candidates lack the support of key elements of their respective parties. Leading Republicans refused to attend their convention, and Ted Cruz' refusal to endorse Trump will follow him throughout this election. Bernie Sanders, Clinton's primary opponent, complained throughout the primaries that the Democratic National Convention had stacked the deck against him getting the nod. This past week e-mails were released showing his complaints to be valid. The DNC had ensured Clinton would be the nominee. The chair of the DNC was forced to resign because of her role in undermining the candidacy of Sanders. The day after her resignation she joined the Clinton election team. This was way too much for the Sanders' supporters many of whom are refusing, at this time, to support Clinton.

For either nominee to claim the moral ground in this election would be a travesty. Republicans are always looking for the next Ronald Reagan as the Democrats continue to seek the next John F. Kennedy. Both have settled for far less.

Many evangelicals have publicly stated they will not vote for Trump because of what they perceive as his lack of morals and decency. I wonder how many of them also refused to vote for Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon and then spent the next four years complaining about President Obama. They seem unable to see that not voting for Trump is a vote for Clinton.

Some on the far left fringes of the Democrat party are saying they will not vote for Clinton because her VP nominee is not progressive enough. Sanders supporters claim they will not vote for Clinton because of the way their candidate was cheated out of a fair primary. One of my fears is that because of the candidates we may see a poor voter turn-out and have a new President elected by a very small percentage of voters who will then claim a mandate to force through his or her plans. That may not be good for the country.

Not only is the church going through a time of major transition, so is the political system of this nation, and virtually every other aspect of national life. This is a time the church needs to pray and come together for the good of this nation and its future role in the world. Personally, I do not believe God is done with America, but we have far to go to become the nation we once were. The church needs to take 2 Chr. 7:14 seriously and ask God to send a spiritual revival to this nation.

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