Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's time we find true leaders

Agree with him or not, people have to admit that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had a major impact on our nation during his time on the bench. His death set off an immediate firestorm among politicians on both sides of the aisle. Liberals want one of the most liberal Presidents our nation has ever had to appoint someone to fill Scalia's vacancy in hopes of reversing the 5-4 majority the conservatives have had for the past few years. Conservatives insist with an election coming up that the new president should have the opportunity to name someone to that seat. Of course, they are hoping the new president will be a conservative and that he or she will name another conservative to the position. There is no doubt that this vacancy will have an impact on both President Obama's final year in office and the presidential race. We are likely in for a rough time over this issue.

As I watched politicians from both parties preen before the news cameras to plead their case I thought that this is what is wrong with America today. It's no wonder that the approval rating for Congress is only 11%. There's no leadership there. People elect individuals to represent them and to do what's best for the country, but once they arrive in Washington it's all about their own petty interests and that of their financial backers. Nothing can be done for the good of the nation because these clowns want to run for the cameras and spout off  sound bites instead of sitting down like adults and discussing how to best govern for the good of the nation.

I have to admit that I have not watched any of the primary debates which is unlike me. I have watched the highlights (lowlights) that have appeared on the news. It's like watching a day care center with all the screaming and finger-pointing. When I think of the many great statesmen around when this country was founded I have to wonder where such persons are today. They are certainly absent from this presidential race.

Unfortunately, I see the same scenario played out in many churches. Pastors and lay leaders who lack any sense of a God-given vision for the future of the church cannot lead the church forward. Leaders who put themselves and their agendas before the good of the church are strangling many churches. Church business meetings that ensure the status quo of the church rather than embracing needed change guarantee the eventual demise of the church.

The church, like our nation, is facing serious challenges today, and those challenges cannot be met by continuing to operate like nothing has changed or that nothing is wrong. We need men and women who understand the issues and are willing to think seriously about them. Leaders are needed who will put the good of the church before their own preferences and comfort. We need to learn to work together if we are serious about advancing the Kingdom of God and transforming our culture.

Until we elect men and women who love this nation more than their Super Pacs and their own prominence and are willing to govern for the good of the nation we can expect America to continue its downward spiral. Until we select spiritual leaders to serve as the pastors and lay leaders in our churches who love God and His vision for the church more than their own comfort and position we can expect the church to continue to become more irrelevant to our culture. In both cases, ladies and gentlemen, the choice is ours.

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