Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Coaching book for bivocational ministers coming in September

This week I am beginning rewrites for my next book that will be released September 1 of this year.  The title of the book is The Art and Practice of Bivocational Ministry: A Pastor's Guide.  Once again, Beacon Hill Press will publish this book for me.  The book comes out of the research and project I did for my doctoral degree.  That project examined the benefits coaching offered for bivocational ministers and the churches they served.  I believe coaching is one of the most effective ways to assist bivocational ministers as they address the various challenges they have in their lives and ministries.

Over the past several years I have served as a coach for a number of pastors, both bivocational and fully-funded, and the case studies of many of these relationships are included in the book.  Many of the readers will find some of their own challenges in those case studies and will be able to learn how we addressed them.  This will make it possible for some ministers to coach themselves.

However, self-coaching is not for everyone.  We often need someone else to help us process our thoughts and concerns.  Depending on the issue that person may be a counselor, a mentor, a consultant, or a coach.  A few years ago I was facing a crossroads in my ministry.  I had come to a fork in the road and felt really stuck as I didn't know which way to go.  I was torn between pursuing a doctoral degree or going another direction in ministry.  At the time I had a coach who helped me think through the alternatives.  At no time did she tell me what to do or try to direct my thinking.  She merely kept asking questions that forced me to think through the issues until I was able to come to the decision that I knew was right for me.  That experience was a two-fold blessing for me.  Not only did I earn my doctorate; I also received coach training and began to coach other ministers in order to help them get unstuck in their own lives.

If you're feeling stuck it may be time you find a coach.  My prayer is that my book will help many who need, and can, to self-coach, but some will want another person to coach them.  Due to my judicatory role and other things I do I can only accept a few persons who want to be coached at any one time, but if you are ready to move forward and believe a coach can help you do that, give me a call.  I currently can accept a few persons who are serious about wanting to do more with their lives and ministries and who want a coach to help them do that.

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