Saturday, March 3, 2012

What do you need from your denomination?

A common complaint I often hear when speaking to bivocational ministers is the lack of support they receive from their denomination or judicatory.  At the same time, denominational leaders tell me that if they schedule events specifically for bivocational ministers the turn-out is often very poor.  As a former bivocational pastor and a current judicatory minister I have been on both sides of this issue.  As a pastor I had times when I felt like a fifth wheel even though I have to say that most of the time the support I received from my region was very good.  Now, I know what's it's like to schedule events for bivocational ministers and have a very poor turnout.  In fact, one state organization scheduled me to speak to their bivocational ministers at several different sites throughout the course of a week, and one night nobody showed up for the meeting. 

My purpose for this post is stated in the title of the post.  What is it that you need from your denomination or state organization?  What resources do you need?  What do you feel you need the most help with in your ministry or life?  It may not even be resources; perhaps the thing you need most is understanding and encouragement.  I want to hear that, too.  Please share with me and our other readers because I really want to know.  Thanks.

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