Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Monday morning my mouse and keyboard both quit working on my HP computer.  The computer is only about 3 years old, but it's been a problem almost since day one.  I've never liked it as well as my previous computers (mostly Dell and some that a computer guru made for me).   I still had my old Dell keyboard and mouse, but of course the connections are different.  The Dell uses USB ports, and all but one of my USB ports on the HP quit working when I installed Windows 7 less than a year after buying the computer.  I got a jack to plug into the one working port that would give me several ports so I can plug in my mouse and keyboard.  When all my ports quit working I contacted HP and Microsoft tech people asking how to fix the problem, and neither of them responded.  I asked the repair people at Staples, and they claim they had never heard of the problem.  I suggested they google Windows 7 USB port problems and they could read about a bazillion complaints.  The guru who usually does my repairs also didn't know how to solve this problem.  Now with the mouse and keyboard issue it's time to get a new computer.

I've looked at some Dell units (HP is out of the question...this was my first and last HP computer), but I'm also considering a Mac.  The problem is I have used PCs ever since we had DOS systems, and I'm quite comfortable doing the things I do on the PC.  I'm not sure how well I would shift to a Mac and how long it would take to make the adjustment.  I do a LOT of work on Microsoft Office, and I wonder how that system works on a Mac.  With the huge difference in price I'm leery to make the jump, but I'm not real pleased with Microsoft either.  Their XP system is the last one that I liked.  Vista was a joke, and I can't say I'm much happier with 7.  I hear they are coming out with the latest and greatest, but they won't have the bugs out of it before they develop its replacement.  I'm pretty convinced that Microsoft is more interested in developing new systems quickly than they are in getting them right before making them available.  I also wonder about how effective it would be to have a Mac desktop unit and the PC laptop I use while traveling.  I do share files between computers.

So, I'm at a crossroads.  Do I make the shift to Mac or stay with the PCs that I know?  Are the new PCs on the market today better than the latest piece of junk I bought about three years ago?  Instead of offering suggestions or advice today I'm asking questions and hoping some of you have some good answers.


pjgoodyear said...

You could get a Mac and then do your word processing through Google Docs. No software to purchase and your documents are available wherever you have an internet connection. They can be saved as Google documents and downloaded as Word documents so they should be compatible with both computers.

Dennis Bickers said...

Thanks Phyllis. You always make computers sound easy.