Monday, April 12, 2010

Healthy Small Church

Some months ago my publisher told me a Korean publisher had requested the rights to publish The Healthy Small Church for distribution in their country.  Today I received a copy of the book.  I am very humbled and honored that this publisher believes this book will benefit the pastors in Korea and other Korean speaking pastors around the world.  This makes my second book to be published in a language other than English.  Last year a Portuguese edition of The Bivocational Pastor was released by a publisher in Brazil.  At times I almost have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.  When my first book was released in 2000 I never thought I would write another one, and now two of the books are available in other languages!  Book number six will be released in September of this year.

Each of these books address issues related to bivocational and small church ministry and their leaders who provide such ministry.  For such a long time there were few resources specially created for those of us who serve in such ministries, and I'm thankful that God has used me to make a few resources available.  I continue to believe that small churches will be around for a long time, and we need to be developing persons to provide leadership for such churches.

Those of you who read this blog and who have purchased my books, thank you.  It is always my prayer that you find these to be helpful to you and you complete the ministry God has given you.

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