Friday, February 12, 2010

Use the blog

I had a conversation with a pastor today who told me he has been putting some of my blog postings in their church's bulletin.  He says this gets them thinking about the topic and has generated some good conversation.  This bivocational church has decided to implement one of the suggestions I made recently, and he will let me know how it works out.

This is a great idea. Sometimes it is helpful for people to hear something from another source.  For whatever reason, it just clicks when they hear it from someone else.

Every posting won't be applicable to every church's situation, but I encourage you to use the ones that are a good fit for your church.  Use them as conversation starters in your leadership meetings.  Copy them in your church bulletins.  Use the blog to help your church move forward.  I want this to be a resource for churches everywhere so let it help you get your message out.  And let me know how it helps you.  I think we would all be encouraged to hear your stories.

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